EP 82: Assorted Elixirs

BOXED + READY: Perfumer Manuel Cross is a true independent house of parfumerie, and brings some classic magic to his repertoire. The Sample Set includes ten small rollerball vials and gives you a perfect picture of what Rogue Perfumery offers. These are strictly quick first impressions to help get my appetite whet. These fragrances were created between 2017-2020 and are all currently in production. My favorites at first glance were: Tabac Vert, Mousse Illiminee, Chypre Siam and Fougere L’aube.

And while I found a few of these not necessarily for me, Cross has identified how to best operate the way-back machine to dip into the history of some uncommon notes for the modern nose. Some made me think of a place or a person long gone, others offered a lovely bouquet of florals. These range from masculine to feminine with more falling right in-between. I appreciate that. I’m sure to get back to a few of these for a full review later.

Rating85% (for overall set)
SoundtrackInner Rotation by Jet Chamber (1996)

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