EP 60: Into The Ether

Though it’s been fourteen long years since this fragrance originally surfaced, it’s one of those that I guess slipped through the cracks for many. In fact the house of Exte, an Italian fashion designer house, only produced very few perfumes, and J’S Extè Man was the only for men that I am aware of. And this affordable scent, now all but scarce, can still be found if you know where to look, but the supply chain is close to dwindling I would think, for this unique but not altogether spectacular fragrance. This will catch the attention of those who pay attention, otherwise it’s into the ether….

PS (9/15): After living with this fragrance a little bit, I cannot recommend it as it has become cloying and a bit suntan lotion-esque in its overt oiliness. I was willing to give it a pass, but it has failed me. As a result, I dropped my initial rating.

SoundtrackHollow Dreams Of Worlds Passed by Craig Padilla & Zero Ohms (2005)

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