EP 31: So Subliminal

This takes me to church, I mean to school, er, and back again! This is how the makers refer to this as: “Sacred and profane, mistery and shade. Wax guttering, someone praying. Steps, echoing through the gothic and ancient archways to the cathedral of Saint Michel.” It does perhaps remind me of visiting the annals of Sacré-Cœur in Paris’ Montmarte District to a certain extent. This is my very first foray into the house of Profumum Roma and their Olibanvm is, in a word, memorable. This is an end-to-end luminous experience that all perfume lovers out there should give a good sampling of. They ‘got me’ – even though I caught up with it fourteen years after its creation. Click above to hear my full thoughts on this fragrance.

Origin: Italy
Rating (Toxic 2 Intoxicating): 98%
Source: Luckyscent.com
Soundtrack: Certain Blue Crystallizations by Michael Hendley (2018)

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