EP 22: Wafting Whispers

Bright burst into the warm winds of memory. This here is my intro tot he well-lauded house of Amouage. And Honour Man is truly unique with a singular voice. It may have taken me nearly a decade to catch its drift, but I assume it was worth the wait, yes? They say: “A filial elegy to the honour and dignity of the protagonist in Puccini’s Madame Butterfly, this is a story of reconciliation.” For my slightly less thespian nose I see the shift between the initial depression of the nozzle to an hour later offering a significant shift in modality. Let me explain, just press play to get my impressions.

Origin: Oman
Rating (Toxic 2 Intoxicating): 78%
Source: Smallflower.com
Soundtrack: Metastorm by T.I. (1996)

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