EP 18: Into The Embers

A pleasant introduction to a NYC-based perfume house that makes fragrances “Sourced from the Finest Rare and Exotic Oils, Tinctures and Absolutes.” This is Euphorium Brooklyn‘s unique Wald. Majesty, mystery, magick. With an air of reverence, and a hint of dinge, this is a strange perfume that will have you guessing, and considering where to prop your snowshoes. It’s an enduring boquet – but just what are the flowers at the bough of this altar?

The perfumer shared a bit more about this enchanting scent with me: “getting lost in the woods in the late Winter/early Spring. Smelling green needles, dirt & leaves exposed by retreating snow, then smoke, follow the smoke to a sugar shack and the rich caramel, nutty maple syrup….” More comes from a good thaw – and a second wearing

Origin: USA
Rating (toxic 2 intoxicating): 89%
Source: Ave Parfum
Soundtrack: Aftermath 03 by Aes Dana (2003)

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