EP 7: Rounding Up 5, 6, 7….

Eight & Bob (since 1937) “is a luxury fragrance house whose exclusive scents have been passed down for generations dating back to the 20th century.” As they say. In this episode I opened up the Discovery Set, spraying from six 2ml vials, each with its own defined personality. One was my favorite for true uniqueness, one was a ‘strange perfume’, one I didn’t care for so much, and others held familiarities as well as foreign essences. On the whole these come off as feminine leaning, with a few exceptions. Can you guess which one reminded me of a visit to an old perfume boutique filled with lotions and potions? So many notes, so little time. This would make a great gift btw.

Origin: Spain

Overall Rating / Toxic to Intoxicating:
65%: The Original
68%: Egypt
83%: Cap D’Antibes
74%: Mémories de Mustique
62%: Nuit de Megève
75%: Champs de Provence

Sourced from Merz Apothecary/Smallflower.com
Backing soundtrack is Alting Falder I Samme Rum VI by øjeRum (Sound In Silence, 2019)

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