EP 1: Perfuming The Past

Welcome to Notetaking – an audiozine about the olfactory world. After several decades, this is a re-introduction to an ever-growing fragrance universe (niche, natural, designer). In this very 1st edition of the ‘zine I hope to have layed out what will become a parfumed journey inside this world of chemoreception. My origins with fragrances dates back to the early 80’s, as a wide-eyed teen at the sparkling glass counters of my local department store (yes, the above image depicts part of my old medicine cabinet from the era). So much has transpired since then, and there’s much to learn, discover and share. Let’s time travel a bit together, and sniff our way into the present. Listen to the weekly show (sometimes more often), and chime in at any time – looking forward to a two-way dialogue. This week’s audio soundtrack is On A Beam of Light by Stellardrone.

  • Bare with me as I get my feet and nose whet. I’m using a new microphone, so I will do my best to work the kinks out over time. Thanks for your patience.

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